Firepit Trough – Large

Large outdoor steel firepit, with handles and trough shaped bowl to hold logs, coal and other fuels. 


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Product Specification

  • Dimensions: 580mm wide x 580mm deep x 400mm high 
  • Weight: 26kg 
  • Trough shaped bowl to hold logs, coal and other fuels 
  • Laser cut handles on all four sides enable easy movement of firepit to different locations 
  • Solid steel construction with stable base 
  • No loose parts 

Product Story

Would like a firepit but can’t spare the space? With this collapsible model it’s there when you need it, and not when you don’t!  Four sheets of steel slide simply together to create convenient firepit for all round enjoyment.  And once the party’s over it reduces down to the size of a large briefcase. 

 Laser cut handles on each side make it easy to grab’n’go, and the four-legged design means it stays stable wherever you need it to. 

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